Fall is here and I am thrilled with the colors of this season. Every year I enjoy watching the changing colors of the aspen trees in the Rocky Mountains. As soon as we near October we get ready to go on the road and watch the fall tree color blanket along the base of the Rockies. 

Right now my shop is featuring my fall collection of women accessories. I truly enjoy any project with yarn and needle but I have to confess that I am falling in love with all the yarn colors I am using. They have been selected very carefully with you in mind.  The picture in the post features a mix of soft cotton yarn in an intense orange tone. I have other yarn colors in bright yellow, fiery reds, and more! I am very close to completing my collection of these wonderful, unique fall accessories just for you. I invite you to follow me (if you haven't yet) and you will be notified as new listings from the collection make it to the shop!

It is also great to be able to write my first blog post as we enter this changing season. Just like the weather and landscape around, I am continually evolving and working on my shop and on new designs to make sure you find that perfect, unique gift for your loved ones, and/or for yourself.

I will be writing again, bringing you fun updates about me and my shop. Stay tuned! 

Thanks for stopping by! :)