Tie Dye Socks

Recently, as I looked for unique designs for my shop, I started working with the tie dye process. I wanted something beautiful and artistic but subtle at the same time. 

After exploring, I came up with this idea of keeping the colors within the same family. I was happily surprised! The results were great!

These tie dye socks have been a hit! They are flying off the shelves! 

Look for these tie dye socks in my shop under the Mom and kids clothing section. If you don't see any listed that means I am busy making more! :) Add this website to your favorites and check back. I am always listing more. 

I like how many options I have to create skmsomething unique and new every time.


Without a doubt  designs and tie dye has been in the top of my list and will continue to be. I like the possibilities tie dye brings!