Using an old world craft to bring you timely modern designs. Honoring my Mom's memory in appreciation for her unending love and care for us.

Thank you for stopping by! My passion for the arts and crafts originated in the beautiful environment that saw me growing up. I learned needlework when I was very young, still in elementary school. My mentor and teacher: my Mom. More than stitches and techniques, she taught me to appreciate the process and sometimes even more so than the finished product. She always reminded me to strive for perfection. She used to say this in a very soft and kind voice: "Time does not matter now. If you make a mistake you must go back and restart. It must be beautiful and perfect. It will be with you for a long time; you will always enjoy it more if we finish this well today."

I come from a family with 5 siblings and it so happens that I have repeated my parents' story. My husband and I are blessed with 5 beautiful children. They come across in my shop and they are part of my team. I have natural artists, fun, witty kids. The illustrations you will find in this shop are mainly the original work of my oldest, Juan, a graphic designer. Also, Anna is the original artist and creator of the day dreaming dog illustrations. :)

I love art and photography and for decades I have been capturing nature landscape and wildlife as well as special shots of unique places and people I see when I travel. I'm sharing those with you and turning them into greeting cards, note cards and downloadable images. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The colors of nature and the seasons inspire my designs and work. We live in Colorado and we are near to and surrounded by spectacular views of the Rockies. Those views and my sweet memories of growing near the sea, and beautiful sunsets really come through in my shop. Every place I am or visit, although far away, remains vivid in my mind. I capture colors, smell, sounds. Lovely memories come naturally across in my shop; Memories and places visited contribute greatly to the person I am today. I try hard to share them with you in my listings descriptions too.

Well, now you have learned a bit about me. Here I'm sharing some pictures of my parents (R.I.P.), some of my siblings, some of my items and beautiful images of my birth place, Cartagena. I invite you to peruse my featured items and I hope you enjoy browsing my shop. Every item is made with great attention to detail, love and care.

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A final note hoping you remember us! Our goal is to make unique beautiful items that amaze you and surprise you every time. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, our blog and this shop to stay in touch with our latest new thing!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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